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Sycamore Township Real Estate

Sycamore Township, Cincinnati real estate is located in the northern part of Hamilton County, Ohio. It is one of twelve townships within the county and has been divided into three ‘islands’ by numerous annexations. The northern island is bordered by Deerfield Township, Symmes Township, Montgomery, Blue Ash, Sharonville and West Chest Township. The western island is bordered by Reading, Cincinnati and Arlington Heights. The southeastern island is bordered by Blue Ash, Montgomery, Indian Hill, Madeira, Columbia Township, Silverton, Deer Park, Amberly and Reading. Purchasing Sycamore Township, Cincinnati homes for sale provides residents with a diverse selection of homes from single-family to multi-family homes, condos and town houses.
This township has a population of 19,675 people and as most of Sycamore Township has been annexed by the municipalities bordering the area, varied selections of amenities are available. The major part of the township is occupied by Kenwood at the center. This city contains a number of businesses including many national and international companies that are headquartered here. There are several shopping malls as well as offices that were constructed in Kenwood when the rapid development of this area began.
Choosing Sycamore Township, Cincinnati real estate includes the advantage of access to Kenwood Towne Center. The center includes over 180 stores, allowing residents a number of great shopping options. Recreational opportunities include several parks with nature trails, sports fields and playgrounds. Sycamore Township, although occupied by Dillonvale and Kenwood, has retained much of the natural area of open space and countryside that can be enjoyed by residents.
Residents of Sycamore Township, Cincinnati real estate are served by six public school districts: Deer Park Community School District, Indian Hill Exempted School District, Sycamore School District, Reading School District, Princeton City Schools and Cincinnati Public Schools. An annual Festival in Sycamore is held each summer and typically features top entertainment. In addition, the festival has rides, food and fun. Area parks provide concerts during the summer months and car shows and sporting events are enjoyed by residents as well.  
The purchase of Sycamore Township, Cincinnati homes for sale provides many small town events for residents as well as larger events that are a result of the proximity of the township. Nearby Cincinnati has a number of attractions including sports teams, cultural venues, outdoor recreation and shopping. 

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